Specifications for Standard Plan Coop

Wine Country Coops are built of the highest quality materials, using recycled components wherever possible.

• Our standard coop model is based on an approximate 4x6 foot footprint.

• The base of the coop is approximately 3 feet off the ground.

• Maximum width including roof overhang is 5' 4".

• Maximum height is approximately 8 feet for the shed style coop and 9 feet for the gable style.

• We offer corrugated polycarbonate, galvanized metal roofing, or shingle style roofing in a shed or gabled style.

• The roof structure is designed for optimal ventilation.

• All hardware is galvanized to withstand wet weather.

• Strong, mesh flooring allows waste to easily fall below while providing adequate support and safety.

• Our coops are constructed from weather sealed panels and trim covered with quality exterior paint or natural

Complete Assembly in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Wine Country Coop chicken houses are built and assembled to exacting specifications. The body, base and roof are completely pre-assembled requiring only 16 provided, pre-drilled, self-tapping bolts to fasten the legs to the body structure.


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